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Artisan Courtyard

Well last Saturday was my first day at the Artisan’s Courtyard of Dayton, Virginia. The morning started off cool but soon turned into a beautiful spring day. Here are a few pics of my booth.

All and all i had fun and made new friends.

Getting my “Tribal” on.

My latest fascination is the Bohemian/Tribal look. I know a 50 year old Bohemian would scare me too. But now that I am “over-the-hill” I figure I can do whatever I want. Keeping with the theme this week of finishing a project a day I have Thursday’s project. The turquoise is a piece my grandfather cut many years ago. I have decided that I like odd shapes and don’t really care for “traditional round, oval, or square shapes. This makes them harder to set, BTW. I have been working on this piece for a very long time, not knowing just quite how to end the piece. In the end, adding the dome at the top and wire wrapping the middle did the trick. Piece de resistance…leather and oxidation. 

In the bag…

While my hubby is gone, I ‘ve decided to do a project a day. Monday was the jar with the blue lapis lid. Tuesday because of having to go to DC, I started something and called it good. Wednesday, knowing full well what a procrastinator i am I got to work early to finish the darned thing. Honestly who would know that a simple line of holes would turn into a monster. I love to buy remnants, lately I am obsessed with canvas. I noticed that on the selvedge there where holes, holes down the whole side making a random line. Hmmmm

Enter green perle cotton. Stem? Leaves?

Yes, please! Needs….buttons!!

and a tag!

Green lining,

what a bag!!

Guess, that’s why they call it the blues.

I have had the idea for sometime now to make lids for some old glass vials of my grandfathers.  Today I chose a beautiful round, blue lapis. So pretty, I am very happy with how it turned out!

Valentine swap

Remember the Valentine swap I did from Natural Suburbia? I just realized I hadn’t put the pics up yet so I thought it being 2 weeks later and stuff that I probably should. My lovely partner Hannah of A lost seamstress sent me a wonderful package all the way from New Zealand! So, cool!

I received two little drawstring bags, one of which is perfect for my cable needles!

Little crochet heart earrings,

and a lavender heart sachet!

Did you know I love lavender?